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Child Soldiers- Summative Essay - Child Soldiers Invisible. In this essay paper, I will discuss Columbia’s use of child soldiers and child combatants as a human rights issue. Child Soldiers Invisible Children. For years the use of children in both conflicts between states and civil wars has been evident. Children are forced by commanders through false promises, drugs and things which you can’t even imagine, to kill innocent civilians, other children and even their own families.

Free Child Soldiers Essay Examples, Paper Sample Topics This problem is in direct violation of Columbia’s national laws, treaty obligations and customary international law. Download an essay example of Child Soldiers on FreeEssayHelp. Huge database of popular free topics, dozen types of essays, term papers, case studies on Child Soldiers.

Essay on Child Soldiers Bartleby I will then describe what the Columbian government says about its national law and practice regarding this human rights problem and how honest it is about its policies. Child Soldiers Essay 2246 Words 9 Pages. Child Soldiers “Compelled to become instruments of war, to kill and be killed, child soldiers are forced to give violent expression to the hatreds of adults” “Child Soldiers” 1. This quotation by Olara Otunnu explains that children are forced into becoming weapons of war.

Child Soldiers Criminals or Victims Teen Ink Next presenting how this human right goes unnoticed by the Universal Declaration of human rights and the American Convention of human rights in which Columbia has ratified. In conclusion, child soldiers are not criminals, they are clearly victims. These don't understand what they are doing, they just think that it is good. Being a child soldier is like being an adult, because they doing the same things just at a different age. These kids are victims, and they deserve to be heard!

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